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$10 corn or $4 corn? $25 Soybeans or $10 Soybeans?

my guess is that we see a big selloff right after the fourth now, and we go back to treading water with the lower projected prices. Of course, my area had two inches of rain, and corn and beans took off with the heat and humidity.

Whats it like in the rest of America? I am in south central Minnesota, and crops look great right now.

I can make money with $4 corn and $10 soybeans, at least for the 2021 year. Anything over that will be a bonus.

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Re: $10 corn or $4 corn? $25 Soybeans or $10 Soybeans?

I think they`ll be trading the weather forecast, that heat dome could knock out the western cornbelt.  We supposedly can`t give up one bushel, but that`s not to say the cro oked traders won`t take it lower than it should if psychologically they feel "the crop is made".    If China moves on Taiwan, we could go back to 2019 prices as fast as limit moves lower would make it possible. 

I`m going to the Hefty Boys field day July 29th, that`ll be a interesting road trip to hear what they say, but I`ll be out that way a couple times before.

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Re: As far as corn goes, so goes Iowa, so goes the nation.

According to the maps, the ECB looks good moisture-wise,  remember almost half of Nebraska is irrigated, as is a good share of ND corn (old data), SD is more problematic, but we can afford a somewhat reduced yield there.

   That leaves Iowa (& Minn.) in question, and according to the intermediate maps, it could go either way.  I'm guessing, when it's all done, we'll back to that $4-5 range but I'm wrong more than 50% of the time so don't listen to me.

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Re: As far as corn goes, so goes Iowa, so goes the nation.

Yea listening to someone from New Yuck telling us about the Dakota's and they don't matter.

Yep not paying any attention...

The dryland in Nebraska is several times more than a whole lot of those eastern wantabe states.


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