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100 degrees again Thursday. Continues to trim yield

Applying N.... prices available now are low of the last 3 years

hobby thanks for the marketing comments yesterday.  Real data  ! 

Not cheering markets but we have an opportunity once again to observe the insincerity of market commentary.  How they are low researched and high on exaggeration.  My thoughts are with milo which makes print today as an export surprise  not many days ago it was “overstocked”  and a large negative basis to corn (corn- +40)(grain sorghum -50)— 4 sales later gs(milo) is +90.  And calls to farm storage fly around.  

Repeating a voice from the past—“ they” continue to tell us that a 30 to 40 day supply of corn is all the carry over supply there is ~~ and it’s a price depressing amount.  “Will there be bin space for all” has taken on new meaning!   I’ve even heard “ the economy was shut down for x months” as a reason for supply to increase.  Yet I observed feeders increase corn purchases when ethanol slowed production.  Attempts to slow packers with the covid game only meant a backlog at the feedlot (more corn fed).

more end users contracting new crop from the field— only happens in short crop years—- 

point is— 3–Usda is not an information source- they make guesses (and adjust it well after the crop) for federal budget work.  2- fcstone says 200m bushel lost in Iowa.. and I think we can hear air rumbling through the gut.  1–point is as this plays out and we make a few sales, observe how little the carry is in real terms.  (Don’t forget to compensate for North Carolina imports—another reminder that large US corporations are not really US corps— in loyalty terms when there’s a buck to be made.

all those blown down bins— remember how usda said the carry was in storage—where?

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Re: 100 degrees again Thursday. Continues to trim yield

97° @2:30 Thursday here in southern Iowa.

Had replant corn planted 7th June tasseled end first week Aug.

Checked it last evening. Dough stage already. A few butt kernels showing dent.

Three weeks from

Yes small ears and kernels but way better than the bare ground the flood left behind. Very good pollination. 

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Re: 100 degrees again Thursday. Continues to trim yield

Wish I could post pictures.

Checked a bean field yesterday

Four ft high beans still look good, until you look under the canopy.

No leaves under the canopy, all dropped off, just stems and pods.

First time I've seen that. Pretty dry out there. 

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