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Red Steele
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Re: $5 corn...$12 soybeans....within 12 to 18 months

Ray....The cattle feeder that buys his feeders, and granted that is the majority poundage, no doubt gets squeezed by having to compete and pay for feeders at a price that eats up his margin but he can always say "no". The huge integrated swine operations that control the pork from the squeal to the meal don't have that worry. Neither do the poultry operations, although they have other huge worries right now. And the ethanol plants have enjoyed a lot of profit , too, according to what I hear and read. Maybe your plant isn't doing gangbusters with $3.40 corn right now, and if that is the case, maybe you need to look at the why of that.


High priced corn leads to cheap corn, and the opposite is true too. Corn is on sale right now, and given the value of the buck these days, it has to be as cheap as it was during most of the terrible 80's. I stored parts of five years of corn production at one point back then, and got rewarded pretty awesomely when the market finally turned. Not sure I can even store two years now, but I will do what I can to keep the stuff off the market , and hope that you endusers do your part to use up the product.

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Re: 12.2B corn crop

We'll all find out soon enough. Dont count on the fringe states to carry us over the top like last year.

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