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Re: 150 nat avg may not cut it........



What's the population and what is your yield estimate and how does that compare to "normal"?


I am glad to see some good crops and I know there are good crops out there, but we need a lot of excellent crops to offset the abysmal crops in other areas.  Even you do not characterize your crops as excellent. 


Out my own back yard in SESD, except for the low ground and river bottoms and drown out spots we look real good.  We have never been short of moisture and we went into the hot spell with a 3 inch rain the day before it got real hot.  Most of our fields were not pollinating during the heat either.  However, what looks like 180-200 from the road is 150-170 when you get into the field and take a look at the ears.  There are lots of small ears and many lack girth.   Our late planting and too much rain early set the stage for reduced yield and it is now reality.  We are in an area that normally raises 160-190 bushel corn so it is still a solid crop, but certainly not excellent.  We are counting our blessings.  You don't have to go too far south of us to see crops that are extremely poor and variable from the incessant early season rains.   

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Re: 150 nat avg may not cut it........

DW11 probably about 80,000/ha which I think is something over 30,000/ac


That field will be one of the better for yield with my earliest planted. If all goes well to harvest it will probably out do my average. What will hold the yield down is the later planted fields. I did not finish until June 4 and that is on low ground. i will need an open fall to keep that field from pulling average down.


Average for me is just over 9 tonne per hectare which with a quick estimate is somewhere around 140+ 56 lb units per acre

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