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p-oed Farmer
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167-168 National corn yields ?.......

From what I am looking at even if we take the national yield to 168 type #'s...... We will need every bu as the demand will be that good coming next year...... Biggest problem will be getting it all put away this fall..... There will be most likely a very good return on grain bins with futures carry and basis improvement this year...... We as farmers need to realize that this is one of the few times in our farming careers that the once unthinkable  reality of having good production and good prices can happen at the same time...... We may have to wait until after harvest but IMO...... There will be some very good opportunities to sell at some very good prices.......Enjoy this year as these types of years don't come along very often......p-oed

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Re: 167-168 National corn yields ?.......

PO-ED I think this year we will see the combine monitors running 200+ and ) all in the same row!  When I drive in and look at corn it looks great from the row. But when you go by in something taller like a chopper you can see all the drowned out spots and they wioll add aup this year.   A really interesting thing to watch will be pro farmer toour.  IF they don't get into those wet spots the yield will be far4 higher than final yields IMHO. JR

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