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Veteran Advisor

Re: 2011 corn in NCIA

Great pictures for comparison.  What stands out to me is the corn from two years ago looks to have much fatter ears, ie., better kernel depth.  I don't think the tip back is going to hurt final yield as much has small kernels.  Looks like the 2009 corn was farther along in maturity, which would put the kernel issue more of a problem in the 2011 corn.  Those kernels aren't going to get bigger this time of year.


I would say yield would be 10% less than 2009 at a min, and up to 25% depending on moisture and heat in the next few weeks.   


I can find great spots in my fields also, but my beautiful rolling Iowa hills are green, yellow and brown and standing and bending in all directions.


Needless to say, you are lucky to have corn standing so well.

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Senior Contributor

Re: 2011 corn in NCIA

JEC I noticed the difference in girth diameter right away too. It will make estimating this yield more difficult. For instance the crop tour this week doesn't calculate girth in their estimates. Guess we better take another 15% off the tour results.

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