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2011 vs. 1983?

Saw a report this morning where one ag meteorologist says though things have looked fairly similar so far this spring to the spring of '83, he's not seeing enough in common between the 2 to call it a repeat of that rough crop year.


What are you seeing out your back door? Think it's a repeat of '83?


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Re: 2011 vs. 1983?

Jeff what happened in 1983 weather wise? I was born August of that year.

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Re: 2011 vs. 1983? 1983 the rain shut off around July 4th and the rest  of the summer was one of the hottest ever.


Since Cropcast sees few similarities between 1983 and this year and is not using that year as an analog year...why bring it up in the first place???


Every year someone trots out 1983 as a possible analog year.


You want to know the last time that 1983 was not used by someone as an analog year? I'm pretty sure it was 1982.

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Re: 2011 vs. 1983?

Floyd boy that is funny right there! 

83 was an interesting year for sure. I remeber 88 way better tho. WE got 2 inches of rain over night with no hail to speak of corn grew about 6 inches lastnight.


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