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2012 Corn Yield Map

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Re: 2012 Corn Yield Map

Keep in mind, Nebraska probably has a higher % of irrigated acres, than any other State, to get an idea of just how dry it was here.   We had less moisture in 2012, than in any year in recorded history, even the 30s had more rain.   It is just that we started the spring, with some sub moisture.   Now, there is none.

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Re: 2012 Corn Yield Map

Very,very key words on subsoil moisture. Now there is NONE!!

This year will be a different animal compared to last year because of this.

Timely rains will be a must.

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Re: 2012 Corn Yield Map

I live in ND and percentage to yield trend shows were very close to yield trend but this was largest crop

nd has ever grown both yield per acre and total bushels. This happeing again next year is not highly

likely with the drought were experiencing and low subsoil moistures. My question with this expanded

corn acreage how its going to be possible to reach these trend line yields their using when corn acreage is

on larger acres and much more diverse area for different weather patterns and growing conditions. Not

everyone going to get the perfect weather to reach this trendline yield and explains why we haven't

reached it past several years.

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