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2013 planting decisions & 'drought hangover'

Just saw a report from our friend Steve Johnson, ISU farm management specialist, about 2013 crop rotations and the idea of the 'drought hangover' driving some of those decisions. So, what do you think? How much will the drought be lingering in the back of your mind (or the front of your mind, for that matter!) when you start nailing down your rotation plans? Or, will you just proceed with your normal rotation? Sounds like in the past, most folks do the latter and it usually works out. But, with the drought and the prospects it may continue into next year, do you take a different thought process? 


Or, are we talking about this topic too early? Seems like it gets earlier and earlier every year!

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Re: 2013 planting decisions & 'drought hangover'

Got to talk about something. This is at least as good as politics right now.


NO CHANGE at my place..... planting decisions will be made right up to the time the planter goes to the field. (only then because something has to be put in the boxes. Smiley Wink)


FULL tank here on the bottoms in South Podunk Country.


Empty tank in NW Kansas.... = summer fallow if there isn't at least a 4 ft moisture profile and probably 5ft.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: 2013 planting decisions & 'drought hangover'

The topic is timely for those contemplating fall fertilizer, tillage and even weed control.  Some of those decisions will lock one into a rotation.  Ha!  Maybe some of the weed control decisions we made last summer will lock us in...we're being warned that with inadequate moisture, some of the chemical did not get converted or carried away and may be a problem next year.  Just when we were saying we didn't think the weed spray had any residual.  🙂


I have been tweaking my rotation a bit the last few years.  I want to put one patch in continuous corn.  Will I change my mind?  I haven't picked that field yet, but do not it doesn't like soybeans very well.


So, for the most part, I will stay with my almost 50-50 rotation.  I will have a few acres of corn on corn as part of the rotation adjustment and will h ave to pay the price for that.  

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Re: 2013 planting decisions & 'drought hangover'

normal rotation, except for 7 acres of dry land. That may go to an annual forage, if it says dry, but I plan on the usual rotation for the irrigated.
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