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2014 oh boy

Global warming?? So far not this winter. Don't bears hibernate in the winter? Seems bulls have. Today is only the 2nd of Jan. 2014.

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Re: 2014 oh boy

The Suspicious Observer guys are predicting a mini ice age.  They've been talking about it on thier site for a while now.  Has to do with a 407 year cycle on the sun where the suns magnetic filed drops off and the sun is less active.  This has been a very disappointing solar max - not nearly the amount of activity that I was expecting to see.  You have heard me talk however about the Maunder Minimum (when Europe experianced crop failures and the Themes River froze over).  


If these guys are right, and there is some reason to suspect they might be, last Mays snowstorm may not have been a fluke.   We all need to hope these guys are wrong.



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