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2017 yoyo crop conditions

I took a 100-mile road trip from southern Michigan to NC Indiana to visit some family. We left our area that has started to see some uneveness in the fields due to lack of water, we and ended up 100 miles south to uneven fields due to too much water. The fields of corn and beans I looked at southwest of Ft. Wayne, Indiana looked ragged. You can see right where the tile lines run in the fields. I've been through parts of NW Ohio recently and it doesn't look much better. My feeling is that the national corn average of 170 bu. will not be obtainable this year with the eastern cornbelt and great plains in rough shape. Iowa and Illinois would have to make a massive crop to offset the losses elsewhere.

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Re: 2017 yoyo crop conditions

Gotta clear 150 first

IMO I'm not sure 160 is even doable with current forecast

We are due
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Re: 2017 yoyo crop conditions

I'm between Kalamazoo and Benton Harbor,MI.    In my 20 years of farming I usually don"t see any fields that didn't have a crop. This year it is common to see empty fields.   Farmers just couldn't get in to plant.  Plus, only a few fields  have 3 foot corn.  Most are 1 foot tall.  Some areas are 6" tall .   Soybeans look better.

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