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2022 Grain Market Outlook

Grab a cup of coffee and hear what this market expert sees as the driver of the 2022 grain market. Be sure to turn up your computer's volume.


2022 Grain Market Outlook





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BA Deere
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Re: 2022 Grain Market Outlook

Thank you for the informative program, Al and Mike 

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Senior Advisor

Re: 2022 Grain Market Outlook

Thanks for the information. Lots of balls up in the air right now, and the best jugglers will do the best in this circus going forward.

Mike, on a side note, is anyone monitoring the Ag Forum these days at all? A couple of posters have really gone off the rails there this week, dancing on the grave of a long time poster. Someone should look at what is going on there, and perhaps shut the forum down for a spell.

I do not believe that anyone, outside of a total misanthrope, approves of what is going on there.

Thank you.