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Senior Contributor

3 Things to Watch This Morning: Monday, 11/24

Boy, that wind sure had some bite this morning when I let the dog out! The weather sure turned overnight! Going to stay that way for the next few days, it sounds like. So, I guess it's going to be tougher for me to stick some of the family out on the back porch for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday! Ha!


Sounds like there's a litlte growing worry that the cold might be causing some winterkill worries in the Plains. Anybody seriously worried about that? Like somebody said in another thread here, it's just the first of that crop's nine lives! Hope nobody has any damage from it!


Al Kluis says today that this week's a good one for some cash grain sales, as we start the week mixed. Think that's in the cards for you?


Hey, here are today's 'Big 3.' What else is on your radar this morning? 


Stay warm today! Have a good one!