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3 Things to Watch This Morning, Monday, December 1

Everybody survive Thanksgiving in good shape? I'm still eating down the leftovers. Tough job, but somebody's got to do it! Hope the holiday treated everybody well!


Looks like lower markets and cold weather are the big stories this morning. Winter's not even starting for a few more weeks, but it's about 10 degrees here this morning and not looking like it's going to warm up a whole lot today. The markets aren't starting the week any warmer -- everything's lower in the outside markets, and it looks like last week's higher prices aren't going to survive long this week. 


Interesting topic too, today: This proposed oil pipeline from ND to Illinois. Politics aside (translation: no politics! Ha!), what would you do if approached to have one cross your farm? Would you see any income from it, or would it hurt your overall profitability long-term? Just curious! 


Hey, stay warm this morning! 



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Re: 3 Things to Watch This Morning, Monday, December 1

1.   The real title must be Successful Corn Farming,  The Wheat market is up this morning 2-4 cents and so are Soybeans.  After a give away day on friday.


2.  Pipeline ---- interesting how we can't seem to get it in place out west where it would travel through less productive farm acres, but now we are looking to cross bigger rivers and the corn belt.  Maybe we could shut off the gas to chicago and send it back down that pipeline.




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