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3 Things to Watch This Morning: Wednesday, 11/19

Good morning! Anybody's teeth rattling out of their head from this cold and wind this morning? Wow...sure it's still November?!


Hey, the good news is it's going to moderate in the next few days and we could even see the 50s this weekend. Bad news is it's going to rain, too. Anybody have many acres of corn and beans left in the field? Are you going to high-tail it to the field today to try to get it out before the rain starts to fall? 


Hey, the ethanol market's gained almost 50% in the last few weeks while corn prices were rising. If the latter's fall continues but ethanol prices stay strong, look for some good cash basis selling opportunities at your local ethanol plant. Anybody planning on or already selling into ethanol's rally?


Who's got their turkey for next week already? Hope we don't run out!


Just a few things that look big this morning. Here's more on all of them. What's big across your "news radar" this morning? 


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Re: 3 Things to Watch This Morning: Wednesday, 11/19

It's no surprise we're running low on turkeys, seems like we've got the largest "Butterballs" corraled right here on this discussion board.  Smiley Very Happy

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