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Senior Advisor

3 feet of rain and a Greek twist

Been a hellva spring. Yes we are basically at 3 foot of water in 2 months. Just west 10 miles even more

Very weird to see corn tasseled or almost tasseled right next to unplanted soybean fields

In talking to several people the last few days, it sounds like the PP white flag has been raised by many. Few still trying on ground that won't pay very well if it goes PP or LL is hammering on them.

Looks like we get about 2 days here. Got some beans to spray and some more to replant. Might try to sneak in and spot in some creek bottom corn just for cover, doubt it makes it to maturity.

There is zero structure left in this soil. 4 inches of rain 3 days ago and it's like concrete again

As for the twist. Greece might have just forced the Feds hand to hold off on interest rate hike. Dollar gapped up and since and faded hard. This might end up being a sick and twisted market for awhile.
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