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3 little days

How things could change in 3 little days....look
How much money went out of the rural economy.

What ever happened to all those millions of people
We had to feed and how the charts and data showed
We were not going to have enough food ????

Atkins diet ??

Things are starting to look very ugly around.
Had to call FSA this morning to refresh my
Memory how ldp's work.

Amazing all the elevators, chemical and fert companies along with seed companies just
Talk more yeild more yeild.....

Now at wheat below loan you really
Think they are our friends ?????

I have to go...have more $2 wheat to cut....if
I'm lucky we will get a hail storm....$5.20
Crop ins plus hail ins......sure beats $2.89 wheat

What a %&$@ mess
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Re: 3 little days

It's like the carry.  You have to sell it to capture it.  Looking at it and not doing anything is watching it go away.

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Re: 3 little days

I started playing the short side of the futures board about $2.00 ago.  Thank goodness, that's the only thing that will probably save me this year.  Still kicking myself for not doing the same to protect my milo bushels.

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