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30's in WI Last Night

I spoke about these cold temps in my morning update last week.  These are all Northern WI, but I'm sure some tomatoes probably got frosted off last night - and may again tonight.


I'm seeing the first indications of our shallow rooted crops here in Cannon Falls.  Many fields have not recovered from the rains and have yellow patches in them, and today, I saw the first corn and beans showing moisture stress in the fields with the bean leaves tipped over at 72 degrees and the corn plants looking grey in patches in the fields.


As I spoke about a few days ago, the rain is shutting off, and the next ten days looks pretty dry over the entire Midwest.  It will give the guys in Central WI a chance to get their first - yes, I said it right, first crop of hay put up in many instances.  What an ugly Sping over there again.  My heart is with you guys - I know how sickening it is when you hear the people on here spouting about how great the crop is everywhere.  


Anyway, hopefully the dryness will start to weed out the skeeter population a bit, I know I've contributed to the next generation of those little b-------, yep, another one on the list of things I really don't like very much.


I'm being deluged with paperwork from the job I accepted.  Don't they usually do this when you get to the job?  And what if I didn't have a computer, or wasn't computer savy.  Well, I guess then I wouldn't have the job I've been offered, as I think about it.


We're about to crank up the heat in the Midwest, combined with no rain, I think we're about to take some more bushels off of that Super Massive Crop we have growing.  I still think 165 on the corn is a pipe dream.  And the beans - they certainly are not in the bin.....



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Re: 30's in WI Last Night

Did a sort of circle drive through much of S.W Ont. and a short distance from Buffalo south into mid- Western N.Y state

All told about 13-14 hrs of driving with a couple of pit stops extra included and more than 1 tank of gas, to go the distance

Man was I tired when I got home at approx 11:30 P.M last night. Hit the road at 8 A:M with 3 short stops. Too old to do this like I used to do it

Any way:: what I saw for crops in this part of the world

Not saying my trip was indicitive of all crop growing areas, but in general there is by far too much water damage to grow 165 corn

The beans look worse, and by now many of them won't recover any kind of full potential

Forr the most part, this is very good, fertile land, with abundant tile, that just had too much water, for far too long and is still saturated.

The corn has, for the most part, has recovered the green colour, but has either permanent stunting or late to mature, will test most fields to yield 150 when 180-200 would be considered very possible, most yrs.. I have never seen such un-even growth in so much of this part of our world.

Corn was shoulder high to knee high with the most about waist high and no sign of a tassel, any time soon, any where

I would also think 15-20 bu of beans would be the norm on many of these acres this yr., although some fields did have a 50 bu plus potential The problem as of now. , There were not very many of those 50 bu bean. fields. I don't care what the weather is in August, those beans are damaged beyond repair.

No amount of August weather can save a permanently damaged bean plant, especially if it is ankle high, yellow and in standing water, or dead from too much water, already. Even the good part of the field had too much water damage

Not sure about surrounding area of Mich, PA and the rest of N.Y state, with S.W Ontario smack dab in the middle but a sizable acreage will not yield 150 average, even if, perfect weather and no frost till mid-Oct. IMVHO

Some fields look exceellent and will yield very well but there simply are not enough of those acres to average 150

I may be optomistic on a 150 corn yield, but give the crop a chance until proven other wise, I think

A lot depends on the frost date and my take on what I saw, but this is soil and crops I see most every yr. This was horrible, for some fields

I saw way too many poor crops, compared to a normal crop, in a normal yr. to even consider any thing more than 150 average

The N.Y part of the state was not a large crop area, but it was just as wet

Acttually, the crops right here at home, looked the best of any place, witth a lot of  excellent potential

Problem is, our area with excellent is too small to make any difference to overall yield in the part I travelled.

We have had the same cooler weather that most in these parts [Southern Great Lakes Basin] have had, but not excessively cold

The best corn,[ in our immediate area, which was the best I saw most any where] does not want any cold temps before Oct. and not sure how late in Oct. as our early planted corn is just now poking a tassell, with the majority at least 2 more weeks, if it was not water damaged. Better not have any early Oct frost for most of the crops I saw.

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