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300 million bushels

I believe the report of 300 million bushels of corn found on the other side of the hill is correct. What was not said is new crop corn was fed a month earlier than usual meaning 300 million bushels should be taken from the new crop supply. That old stuff was just poison feeders went to the new crop as quickly as possible. I know, I did that.

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Re: 300 million bushels

That is a good point that in many cases the crop coming off may have to last 13 months.

Neighbour put up silage earlier than he ever did before.

He also made a small pile extra, his theory, IF next year is a little cooler and the season is later he may have to feed 13 months until harvest.

Maybe everyone will be glad we have that 'extra' 300 million by next year.

Ha, the government is thinking ahead!

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Re: 300 million bushels

If you go to the state by state where they found the lions share of the 300 million (Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota), I highly doubt you'll find much if any new crop corn taken out prior to September 1.  The USDA rarely makes corrections to reports.  They simply just write new reports.  The 300 million was simply a correction.  You cannot have all time high feed use in the second quarter when you have diminishing livestock numbers.  We have the smallest cow herd since the early 50's.  This does not correllate to big feed use of corn. 

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