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4 of July Tid bit


Listen to the whole thing, 


Who today has what these people had ?

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Re: 4 of July Tid bit

always enjoy your tid bits... this one is truly fitting for today!!!
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Re: 4 of July Tid bit

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Re: 4 of July Tid bit

Thumbs up
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Re: 4 of July Tid bit

Good to see you back Hobby.  Hang around we have missed you.

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Re: 4 of July Tid bit


The fort is an interesting place to visit and the presentation by the Park Service is inspiring.

I wish videos like this would get closer to the truth.

Four people were killed in the fort, including a woman and an African-American.

Hardly enough for a pile of patriots to hold up a flagpole.


Key was on a British ship negotiating for the release of one man, Dr. William Beanes.

He carried letters from British officers testifying to the excellent care the doctor had given them.


This link will provide a more accurate account of the Battle of Baltimore.




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Re: 4 of July Tid bit

I put 10k miles on my old Pete this January, just pulling beans out of the bins and over to Curtis Bay, Md.
I can see Fort Carroll while waiting in line to unload, yet I've never been there or Fort McHenry which is just another two miles north. Also, the Key bridge costs 12 dollars to run a truck across if you need on the other side of the bay. That money must help inspire the park service!
Perdue fills a barge there about every 3 days, then pushes it down to Norfolk, Va and offloads onto a ship bound for china. 200 years later, and I never think of the lives lost there, just the topless bar across the road from the scale house 😉
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Re: 4 of July Tid bit

Good to see your post Long Creek,


The history you can remember could need adjusted when you get home...  Smiley Happy


But the beauty of this thread is how much history gets modified whether we are sourcing it from a college professor or the pulpit.


We have had that tendency for a long time but the internet and 60's leadership has made us very creative in our "true history".  Imagine how good the story might be if we could just twist Mr. Key into "Leaking" the first draft of the song to the British. Then having to rewrite this version for court evidence...  ......... to save his hide from a liberal court.   Smiley Happy


Have a great day.......