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5-2 Weather Update

The best planting window for the upper midwest is a little over a week away.  When this passes (jet stream for 10 days from now):


10 Day forecast of 300 mb winds and heights from the GFS model



It  opens this window:


10 Day forecast of 1000 mb (near-surface) temperature and wind from the GFS model



This, again, is 10 days away.  But, it opens the first nice stretch of weather basically this spring for those of us up North.  We go into a West - East flow with the jetstream up high, and we finally bring in the SW heat and dryness into the northern tier.   This should build in and give us a nice window of very good planting conditions.  Don't be in a hurry yet to mud in those crops.


The wheat belt has a chance a precip about 6 days away.  Personally, I think it will be too little, too late.  If the wheat belt doesn't get that rain, put a fork in it, because this system 10 days away could finish it off.  More tomorrow or Sunday night...



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Re: 5-2 Weather Update

Pretty pictures, but what are we looking at?
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Re: 5-2 Weather Update

I believe its the Jet Stream 10 days from now and forcasted temp. map 10 days out !!!!!! lol



John      Thanks me something too look forward too ! Anything too get my mind off what I see out the Window right now!!

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