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Veteran Advisor

6 - 4 Weather Update (Early Edition)

It was a long day.  But I want to look at a couple of things tonight.  I'm sure glad we started as early as we did this morning, I didn't need to get caught in some of that hail out there.


Our current Jet Stream:


10 Day forecast of 300 mb winds and heights from the GFS model



8 Days from now, the split jet gets reincorporated into the northerly Jet:


10 Day forecast of 300 mb winds and heights from the GFS model



By Saturday, we have another system that develops in the Panhandles area, and again, moves NE:


10 Day forecast of surface pressure and precipitation amounts from the GFS model



This area, though, runs out of moisture as it moves North, and mostly looks to die after Saturday night.  This sequence of developing Lows over the Panhandles now looks to continue.  This morning, it looked like things were going to change.  We still have the big High in the Pacific, no threatening heat for the heartland.  The only thing I see right now, is that although we have systems moving through, and they dump large amounts of rain where they do rain, the areas encompassing the rain event are fairly small.  I'll check back in the morning sometime.  For now - I gotta get some sleep.





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