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8 - 7 Weather Update

Sorry guys - I was pretty tired and was catching up on some much needed sleep.  Here's the rainfall totals from yesterday into this morning:


US: Rainfall Estimate 24 Hour



Missouri was obviously the big winner, with some nice over night rains.  This system gave some of the crops a drink, but is missing a large area of our Midwest corn and bean production area.  Our next big chance at rain isn't looking as good as it did yesterday, as the next front looks like it is going to favor the South.  KS, OK, AR, and MO look to wring what moisture is going to be available out of the atmosphere before it gets a chance to move farther North.  This is probably the culprit that is going to rob the North of it's drink:


10 Day forecast of 300 mb winds and heights from the GFS model



The little cutoff Low trying to develop over NE, literally steals the thunder and much of the moisture from getting farther North.  (This map was changed just as I was posting the weather.  The cutoff low has been taken out - but - we have a more interesting dip in the Jet Stream in the latest model run - here it is:   )


10 Day forecast of 300 mb winds and heights from the GFS model


Between now and next Wed - Sat, the Midwest has enough moisture to generate some pop up thuderstorms in the heating of the day again.  Sunday and Monday, a very small front moves through the WCB, and will bring some chances of scattered showers from the Dakotas to KS, and moves East fairly rapidly.  But again, this front is very, very weak.  Some could pick up a shower.  


Our big rainfall event for the Midwest has once again evaporated.  Shag - you continue to have chances.  Your farm just needs to be in the right place.  





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