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9 - 21 Weather Update

Good Morning All!  OK - I have a technique that works to hold the maps as I want you to see them, without them reverting to the new maps as they are published.  Here we go - our current Jet Stream:



 By next week Sunday, we see this happening with the Jet:




This is the makings of a Cut-off Low, that I talked about a couple of days ago.  Once these things finally break off from the Jet Stream, they tend to languish in the area where they are born, and move slowly East, until the Jet Stream scoops them back up and reincorporates them.  You can see a small cut-off low to the East of the one that's forming.  They can be rain makers.  This new one, though, is forecast to be reincorporated into the Jet.  We'll see what happens with this one early next week - 9 days from now.  


Moisture wise, the most interesting feature on the maps is this:



Off the West Coast, we are seeing the break down of that semi permanent High pressure system.  Finally, a Low pressure system makes it's way on land, but, because of how dry it is out there, makes it only a little ways inland, before it's moisture is wrung out.  It will take some time before the atmosphere and the land are hydrated enough to add moisture back into a system as it moves, to keep it going.  We saw this a few years ago, when a hurricane came ashore in TX, and that was it.  It died right there.  This is much the same thing.  Change is coming to the West, too little, and way too late. 


The High out in the Pacific is still there though.  It's not dead, yet.  And it still is deflecting weather systems up into Canada.


By next week Sunday, we have what we have had all summer.  A small Low in Canada (born from the big low that we see above that moves straight North into Canada) connects with a Low, again, over the Panhandles, and moves across the US



The Gulf is open:



And will pump moisture into this system.  It probably won't be a frog strangler as it moves across next week, but much of the Midwest should once again wet.  It's not a drink anymore, as most everthing now is beginning to shut down.  Now, it is just getting things wet.


That's it for this morning.  When I first thought about doing this, this is what I was hoping for - that I could post up a map, and it would stay fixed.  I needed time to figure out how to do it, and finally found some yesterday.  This should work really nice, as we should be able to look back at what was, which is probably as important as what is to be.  Enjoy the day all.



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Re: 9 - 21 Weather Update

Thanks Jen, appreciated as always.  Try to keep the moisture in Central Kansas at bay for 7-10 days, we are nearing full swing off wheat drilling and about a week or ten days should allow the area to nearly complete, then it can rain.  Then when it dries, our crops should be nearing harvest moisture.  Smiley Wink

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