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9 - 28 Weather Update

Well, let's look at what the Midwest got for rain this past week:






For the last two weeks, the Weather Service has been showing above to much above for almost all of the Midwest and East.  Obviously, it didn't happen.  OK - a couple of areas did pick up  probably some above normal precip, but, as a whole, I think what I was saying was far more acurate again than the guys with the name badge on and letters behind their name.  I not a meterologist - I don't even pretend to be one, nor have I played one on TV.  But these guys have been missing the forecasts all summer long.  Maybe we taxpayers should be asking why.


The new 6-10 day maps:


6-10 p.jpg




OK - these forecasts are better, and the 8 - 14 day is also OK.  And it's the weekend - go figure.


Our next full moon is Oct 8th.  And, our next shot of cold air infiltrates MN and WI on the 4th:


140928 temp & wind.jpg



as the Jet Stream reincorporates the cut-off low that the NWS thought would give us a bunch of precip (wrong - limited moisture to work with) and allows cold Arctic air once again across the border:


 140928 Jet 1.jpg


 Ten days from now, the Jet is showing an interesting dip back into the US:


140928 j 2.jpg


we'll have to see how that big Low in the Artic tracks, and how far south this Jet dips.  Lately, most of these have been dipping toward the US and then rapidly retreat back toward the Artic.  It's a bit too soon to say for certain what this one will do.  


Moisture will continue to be limited across the Midwest, as the extended day forecasts suggest.  


For Broke Farmer in Arizona, after Tuesday, cut all the hay you want.  It looks like a week window with no precip for you.  For the rest of us, a Low pressure  system up in Canada again connects with the semi permanent Low over the Panhandles:


140928 Surf Press 1.jpg


And it works its way across the US from Thusday though the weekend, but this is going to be a fairly light event, as the Gulf doesn't really open back up to the Midwest for another 10 days.  


That's it for today guys.  My neighbors did a great job of looking after my place while I was gone.  I need to thank them for that.  My sweetcorn is a big past prime, but it's still OK.  I plan to harvest it for seed for my garden next year, if I can keep the birds out of it.  I imagine I will have to collect it a bit early and get it hung up in the shop if the damage starts to get too much.  Today it a catch up day and getting the motorhome unloaded for its retrofit the next few weeks.  We finally caught a tail wind north yesterday.  it seems every time I've taken a trip with it, the wind has been about 30 MPH right off the nose.  I know my gas mileage was way, way better with the tailwind.  Take care - be safe.



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