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Senior Advisor

Re: Spring price was $4.58

Heat - What Heat?  Went to a wedding Saturday with an outdoor reception @ about 100 degrees.

Spent nearly 12 hours Sunday finishing a bin take-down with my 2 sons and grandson.

"Just a walk in the park Kazansky"

Was -26 less than 4 months ago = still not cold enough to freeze the county ditch just north of the farm.

So much water coming out of the tile at the head of the ditch = more than 200 yards before ice started.

Re: Spring price was $4.58

Yeah Hobby I would like to know where all the ideal conditions are. I’m sure there are some out there but I don’t think they are real numerous west of the Mississippi. We are way too wet to turn a wheel here in western Ky and they are predicting over 4 inches through Friday. We laid about 500 acres of beans basically  on top of the ground a week and a half ago and some rain every day has them turned from pink to green Saturday. We planted another 80 Saturday evening the same way and it started raining 4 hours later and has rained an inch and a half so far. Thank God for field tile and hopefully they will be green by the end of the week. You and everyone stay safe during these interesting times.