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[A].Com -- Get together = Poduck IA

Good , Good Morning !


I just what to say - All you guys out west in IA or Close - Should take off ---just a little time and met up with Other [A] . Com-ers at Poduck .


Years ago - I made the trip over to IL for a Ag-Web get together - I was worth a million - Had a great time meeting my ( Imagery Friends ) That's what my wife calls you guys -- as she has come out to the office and found me laying on the floor LMAO -- lol


Anyway as I said its a great time - as for the guys and gals that was there - we talk all the time - learned a lot that day as well as friends for life . Some of them stop by the farm on there way back home from FLA - always good to see them and have a good laugh or two .


BTW Hobby made that trip over to IL and was good to meet  up with him .


Everybody have a great weekend and take that  TRIP to Podunk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Double BTW  -- I can't make this trip at this time  --- BUT I have sent out a dozen or so 8 by 10 Glossies----- Autographed BY ---yes my Freinds -- ole ECI lol 


HAVE a  great  time and Jim - Get your rear up off the dang LAzy boy and head South

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Re: [A].Com -- Get together = Poduck IA

It would be cool to go out there, yet I am still harvesting beans and have yet to do an acre of corn. On another note, I think some people have gotten stuck. I Got a picture sent to me of an articulate Deere pulling a combine, but the articulate was being pulled by a Steiger..... Lol!

It looks like hobby was right, a window of opportunity would open just before this get together thing.

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Re: [A].Com -- Get together = Podunk IA

Well guys, one day and counting.


Podunk, Iowa is located 9 miles south on hwy 169 of the SW junction of hwy 92 and 169 (There are two, one on the north and one on the SW side.) At Winterset, Iowa. Then go 1/2 mile East up hill on the pavement.


The Podunk Cafe phone # for anyone needing just a little more assistance is 515 462 5152

no reservation needed just show up. I will  be there from 3:30 pm on. Looking forward to seeing some of you there.


Remember the food is on "corporate" for all the ers

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Re: [A].Com -- Get together = Podunk IA

GREAT!   just great...and this is probably the first real day for milo moisture to be within tolorable limits...with a

forecast of humidity below 20% and 40mph gust, 


I do hope is is a fun day for those able to make it.


btw...stay safe!

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