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A change in the weather--Wet

Looks like a change from hot and dry to very wet for Iowa this week.  Had 2.65 inches early Sunday morning and raining again this Monday morning.  Any dry spots out there?  Corn down hard today?  We shall soon see. Central Iowa.

Had a wind gust of 84 MPH Sunday morning.  Field corn ok, sweet corn flat!! 

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Re: A change in the weather--Wet

We are in west central Illinois-Hancock County.  We had wind Sunday morning & surprise field corn stood good.  My sweet corn is nothing to brag about.  We had 9/10 rain, but in Nauvoo they had 2.5 inches in 20 minutes.  More rain this morning, have 8/10 in the gauge so far and continuing all thru the day it looks.  Most flat  cornfields are done for here, ponding and no replant of curse.  ALot of preventive planting claims.  Beans are struggling also.  They have a chance to recovering, hopefully.  Wheat was a flop-mid 36 BA and over dollar with low test weight docks and toxins.  Straw was minimum also.


Markets fells this morning--why - too much rain does not make grain!  I know other areas have great crops, but take a drive thru our county and what a mess.

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Re: A change in the weather--Wet

Consider yourselves lucky, where I farm we have only recieved a half inch of rain in almost 5 weeks of 90 degree temps! I farm on the tri state line of MI, IN and Ohio. Its not a widespread drought but a very unfortunate feeling to see rain skirt around you all summer, all while farms 20 minutes north or south of here have gotten plenty of rain. Talk of rain tonight, if we dont get it now our corn might make 80 or 90 bushel at bestSmiley Sad

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Re: A change in the weather--Wet

Sorry to hear so dry & hot.  It was last week and this week to come-in the 90's.  Cool off today with rain. 

Is your corn tasseling?  We hope you get some rain tonight--makes life enjoyable and less stress when all the work that goes into a crop and then nothing you can do about the weather.  Have faith in God,  and hope you have better yields than what you think.


Its nice to know that you want to farm full time.    David had off-farm job, until his dad retired.  Our first year, with only farm income, was 1988--BIG DROUGHT!  Cut corn to feed cows-worst we've seen.  Made us think it could only get better.  Best of luck to you!