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A couple of fuel questions

First, what's the deal on the $1 gas/diesel retail spread?  Board crack spread is half that.


Also, a couple weeks ago a couple of stations around here were selling e-85 for like $1.70 when etoh futures were at that.


They've gone back to a closer historical relationship since. Any idea what that was about?

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Re: A couple of fuel questions

It's all a scam and always has been. The peasants need cheap gas and every once and awhile they get it. Meanwhile The trucking industry gets a fuel surcharge on freight that is added to the freight bill and the cost is passed on down back to the peasants when they buy the crap they need.


Great plan huh.   By the way, the more diesel costs the more I make hauling freight.  Life is good.

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Re: A couple of fuel questions

In the spirit of a phoney baloney world, I have a sneaking suspicion that CZ will find a way to rally somewhere near $5 purely because the genetics and fertilizer oligopolies can't extract full rent otherwise.


Grain farmers aqnd landowners have about the least cause of anyone for complaining about the New Normal.


The corporation's human livestock will be adequately tended. Perhaps not in the manner to which we've become accustomed but adequately.

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