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ray h.
Senior Contributor

A garden state of mind

     You guys probably know how easy it is to grow an ontime garden with more ripe and perfect tomatoes than you can possibly give away,and more sweet corn than you and your better 

half want to put up.The list of garden goodies can go on and on.Question is,what happens when we need a crop,(a big one),In my neck of the woods we are mirroring last year,almost to a Tee! To wet,to cold,although I do think the summer predict,seems to be a little friendlier.Although the crops we grow for profit are lagging in inputs because it has just been to wet. Wheat has not liked tha last 40 days,and the  forcast for the next 20 not much better.Could it be the bet on the US production is in the bull favor? There is not enough of anything!

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