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Re: A question for the Successful Farming staff (and who ever else wants to give it a shot)

Oh I know.

Not me but I knew of a couple farmers and elevators who got hammered when CME didn't force convergence with deliveries in SRWW- lost big on the hedge, lost big on the basis ($2 under is the most I recall) and in general lost bigger.

That case was specifically about Toledo still being plugged with years old off grade wheat and they were protecting the commercials holding it.

But I did say at the time that you guys need to take your eyes off the $7 corn and holler like hell because someday it is going to be you.

BTW yes, I have on occasions delivered C and S to Chicago and as far as I know it still works there and at the river points.
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Re: A question for the Successful Farming staff (and who ever else wants to give it a shot)

Bruce, I had to think a bit as to whether your comment was worth a response...... but the Neoliberal statement is too ignorant to pass up...


Definition pops up first.....

"Neoliberalism is a policy model of social studies and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector."      

How rediculous.....  The state has never had control of economic factors and will continue to wreck segments of the economy in its attempt to seize control by the idea that we can do a better job making all decisions from an elected committee.


It is foolish to think that economic factors begin with the public sector...  or ever will. they never have, and most every attempt is short lived or fails reght out of the back rooms they are concieved in....... Economics dwindle to nothing as the state becomes more active in their control.  All participants either rake in the subsidy of taxes without profit or fail in a nonprefered status........ In our race to become Zimbabwe...


Well Kumbaya,,,,,, if we all hold hands maybe no nation will have to suffer economic strife.....  Or we all get to go down with the ones who fall.

Why can you see it in terms of a military contractor and not in terms of a clean energy contractor... Corruption is corruption and that is Public sector control of economic factors.

And when I sign up for medicare I see that the federal government chose which pharmacy in my town will not survive.


Economic factors are created far before there is a need for a public sector...   that is history..




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Re: A question for the Successful Farming staff (and who ever else wants to give it a shot)

Don't the tomatoes look healthy?



Venezuelans turn to urban gardens as hunger takes hold amid economic crisis

Kelly Vega says she lost 30 pounds in three months as she focused on feeding her 6-year-old daughter rather than herself.

"We are eating two meals a day. If we eat breakfast, there's no lunch. If we have lunch, there's no dinner," she said.

This socialist country is suffering from severe food shortages that are making it hard to get enough to eat, even though Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Government officials blame the shortfalls on right-wing business owners hoarding products to sow chaos, while their detractors say it's the result of chronic economic mismanagement.

At the same time, food production and imports are down and inflation is high.

Some Venezuelans who had given up produce as an unaffordable luxury are now turning to urban farming to get vegetables back into their diets.

With the help of a government-sponsored urban farming campaign, the head of the newly created Ministry of Urban Agriculture, Lorena Freitez, hopes home gardens will make up 20 percent of the food supply by 2019.

"Urban agriculture will cushion the effects of the shortages. Cities will not be so dependent on imports, and we will make great strides in food sovereignty," she said.

Now, amid the narrow roads and crumbling shacks of one of South America's largest slums, a careful look yields something unexpected: a carefully tended tomato plant and a bush of basil leaves. The family members growing the plants hope that in a few months, they'll be eating vegetables again.

A team of researchers from three leading local universities found that 12 percent of the people in Caracas skip meals. Researchers say that is a sharp increase from a few years ago, when the price of oil had not yet crashed, and many Venezuelans still found it consistently easy to get the food they needed.

"The thing is, Venezuelans aren't used to this," said Central University professor Marianella Herrera.

Francisco Salazar, head of a community council that works in Caracas slums, says he and his neighbors are growing beets, black beans, lettuce and dozens of other vegetables in a large community garden.

But he worries it won't be enough.

"We don't have flour, we don't have pasta, we don't have rice," he said. "What we have is a Band-Aid that's not going to really solve the problem."

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Re: A question for the Successful Farming staff (and who ever else wants to give it a shot)

Intersting definition.  You can google and find dozens and you chose one that is an inversion of most others.


in a stroke of irony, I came in for a cup of coffee, sat down, saw this and at the same time I flicked on the TV to see if I could catch some weather reporting on how much activity we may be in for this evening. Someone had left the set tuned on to a movie channel and they were showing the venerable classic The Usual Suspects.  Left it on, as there wasn't much left and the last 5 minutes are as good as video entertainment can get.


End of long sooner had I read your post for the 5th or 6th time trying to figure out just what you were trying to say, than the final bit of dialogue from the movie played....a voice over of Keyzer Sohze ....."The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist.".


Viva solidarity.

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Re: A question for the Successful Farming staff (and who ever else wants to give it a shot)

So.,.. they are hungry in south america ?

Let's send them down some $2.89 wheat !!!

Anyone notice your baked products go down
In price. ?

Just remember that 1 lb loaf of bread has less
Than a nickel worth of wheat...and just what
Do you think the major ingredient of bread is ?