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ARC/PLC Webinar Tonight (Feb. 5)

I may be taking part in a webinar on Farm Policy with special guest Dr. Steve Johnson from Iowa State University tonight. It's being put on by Kluis Commodity Advisors.

I certainly encourage you all to check it out. There will be some real good takeaways from this webinar.

All farmers have to make an important four year decision on which farm program ARC – CO or PLC to sign up for. This is a very complex and important financial decision for your farm. Al and guests will provide a checklist (7 Steps to Sign-Up Sanity) that will help you make the right decision. This webinar is open to the public. We encourage all farmers, land owners, and lenders to participate.

Join us “live” online on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 7 PM Central Time.  To register Click Here!

Or call Al Kluis toll free at 888-345-2855 for more information.




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BA Deere
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Re: ARC/PLC Webinar Tonight (Feb. 5)

If someone hasn`t been to a farm bill meeting, I would recommend this webinar with Steve Johnson.  I went to a meeting with Kelvin Leibold, he basically said PLC for corn and see if it pays for this rare opportunity to update your yield base and go ARC county on beans.  A little bit is known on the 2019 crop, since the marketing year started back in October.  If you sign up now, you beat the rush and if market prices dramatically changes, you can also change your farmbill selection until March 6.  

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