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About time

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Well it was very late this year BUT it got here. The asparagus got here 10 days ago. The rhubarb finally got big enough for the first small picking and what did the wife do with it you ask?


Well some of you old timers on here might have a clue by the color of this post... she took some of them old raspberries from last year a few store bought strawberies and the rhubarb and well it's 'PIE THIRTY" at the hobby farm. It came out purple and good.


Now the bad news, there is only one and it is endangered.


The other bad news is my desk top computer made sizzling sounds last week and my selection of pictures decreased by a factor of 10 (or more) .


The other bad news that really hurts is, beans went up 13 cents today on the board BUT went DOWN 33 cents on the basis to equal a fifth of a dollar decrease for the day.


Think I'll concentrate on the good news pie...


Edit... just got a call from Kansas 40% planted so more good news. Smiley Wink

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Re: About time

I am thinking we are in a different weather pattern than you since we had the first rhubarb pie over a week ago.

Unpicked asparagus is at least half a metre tall.


Also a different basis here as it held for beans if not a small increase and corn is a little better.

Of course our dollar is slipping a little which helps our basis but no decline.


Other good news here is I finished planting monday instead of taking the holiday off.

Pulled out of the field, put the equipment all away and got the first drops of rain as I walked to the house.

Came a little hard but no beans sitting in dry dirt.


Maybe I can come up with another pie, it's been over a week now since the first one.