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Acreage Battle

Does the USDA Report provide fuel for the markets to battle it out for acres?

The Brazilians I'm with say La Nina could cut soybean yield significantly.
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Re: Acreage Battle

Brazil had record-large national soybean yields with the La NIna of 2007/08


And the La Nina of 2000/01


And 1999/2000


And 1995/96


And 1988/89


And 1984/85




The last 11 La Nina events have resulted in seven new national soybean yield records in Brazil.

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Re: Acreage Battle

Hi Craig,


What about ARG?


USDA is counting on them carrying the ball for feed grains.


Looks kije they're getting a good jump on corn planting- late dryness won't hurt corn as much?


Best, h

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