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After weeks of delay, planting gets traction in Brazil

Hello boys,


good morning!


I come to update you about the Brazilian corn and soybean crops. There is not a national update about the crop progress weekly in the country, but I track the progress that represents 70% of the soybean .production  and over 70% of the summer corn production: Mato Grosso, Paraná, and Rio Grande do Sul. The big headline here, in my view, is that some farmers in Paraná are missing the window to plant in the right time and they will be late to plant the second corn crop. In addition, Paraná just released new estimates increasing slightly the soybean surface.


Planting already started in most regions of Mato Grosso, but is still below 1% of the total surface. The rain came this week and allows planting of soybeans. The same happens for some regions of Paraná, like the West, which is over 15 percentage points late for both corn and soybeans. In Londrina, some farmers say they indeed missed the window to later plant the second corn crop.



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