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Ag a strong U.S. sector?

Do you believe that? Ron Insana, CNBC commentator believes it. And here are some of the other things that he thinks about agricultural commodities prices.


Full story: Agriculture Is A Strong U.S. Economic Sector



Take a look and let me know what you think.





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Re: Ag a strong U.S. sector?

1. Confirmation the dollar is going to weaken and policy wants that.

2. Equities are frothy. While I don't expect a collapse any time soon, if you are heavy profits and looking to diversify, grain commodities look like a good value right now especially as a diversify play.

3. The global demand story is real and our ability to grow monster crops still hinges on weather and the law of averages says we are due for a hiccup.

Take all that and throw it in a blender and you have a story

FYI. I didn't have a chance to read the story yet so my comments are based on my general take on things.
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Re: Ag a strong U.S. sector?

As the good book says "ask and you shall receive"


Where do I start ?


The fellow understand economics, but likes to paint

With a broad brush.....very little details


It depends on what his audience was.  If it was pure

Investors that are glued to CNBC and their eyes

Don't blink as the ticker on the bottom of the 

Page go buzzing by.  They would be lapping it



But a large number of those land owners are farmers.

To say that the ag sector is good....


To say that demand is good, and that we have a

Trade surplus...does little good for those shaking

Their heads looking at the P & L spreadsheet.


Classic case of disconnect.


Did we learn anything ?  Other than the wall st crowd

Are not part of the record shorts


(Perhaps a bit different than we have been lead to



Overall, think you should have hired me instead.

I could have walked out on the stage, with my

Stripped overalls, Hawaiian shirt, big straw hat.

I could introduced myself...and stated my qualification's...

I'm a USDA crop scout !!!


I could have told a few stories (provided the statute

Of limitations had passed)


I could have then been like Ross Perot... With a bunch

Of charts on poster boards...with arrows going

Up and down (I'll let you guess what those up and

Down arrows are about (price and supply)


And if extrapolated those's go up

Price goes down....


Unless something major, geopolitical

Problem, etc.


I was always told to end a speech or presentation on

An upnote......


I guess I could have ended with


"Thank you everyone, and now please join me at the

Free bar courtesy of Successful Farming"


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Re: Ag a strong U.S. sector?

Anyone  believing  that  moving  out  of  malnutrition  is  by  consuming  any  grain  commodity  other  than  rice  ?  - must have ancient oriental secret  ?    

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BA Deere
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Re: Ag a strong U.S. sector?

There is a shortage of workers for the "Mike Rowe jobs", a lot of that is that those jobs pay good they just don`t pay great.  They are kind of a Plan B, take welder, plumber, packing house worker, when you get north of 50 that isn`t so easy.  If you weld 20yrs you start seeing spots, to solder pipes or cut meat in the cold the old knees and hands get ol` "Art Rightus".  Those jobs pay good when you`re 30, but you`d better have a path for a desk job lined up, trouble is the office support for those jobs can`t accommodate all the aging workers in those fields.   So, you can`t blame guidance counselors and kids for snubbing the tech schools and try to get an advanced degree before reality sets in.  


And robots will take many jobs like truck driving and probably livestock disassembly jobs in the near future, fully employed may be defined as a 25hr work week.  People live longer, so after bodies get worn out doing Mike Rowe jobs, who pays for their care?  If these jobs started paying more, insurance and retirement could be afforded like in the pre-1980s.  


A subject no one talks about but eventually will, is world over-population.  To have a high standard of living that the whole world wants, after watching Dallas and Dynasty tv shows...well, everyone wants to be in the parade and no one is satisfied just watching the parade.

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Re: Ag a strong U.S. sector?

a CNBC contributor and a scheduled speaker at this week’s Land Investment Expo------ "without qualifications"?


He sounds interesting and has a couple of books.... finds some humor in Wall street.


I liked this note on him..........."He was Managing Director of Insana Capital Partners from inception to collapse."


Has been news reporting on markets as a commentator for a while........ Probably an interesting speaker when there isn't much good to say about the commodity markets.

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Re: Ag a strong U.S. sector?

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