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Re: AgPoll: Soil moisture situation

c-x-1 - LOL --- I have already forgot last year's problem's   Smiley Mad  It's a new year and a NEW -- and maybe a totally different set of WTF's coming to a  town near you , LOL


Here let me start off with the new doom and gloom for this year -- The eastern corn belt has major delay's in planting = WAY to wet ,  then we get it in the ground in late may and then the water shuts off for June then fires backup in july .


Faust 100f drives his tractor off in a open  ditch from smokeing the weed that Shell-op's sent him .


sw and shaggy are just starting to plant then it rains for 40 day's and 40 night's


The EPA comes in and shut's down Mo-tiger for to much dust in the air   .


See c-x-1 ---- you can't dwell on the past man -- The Future is SO bright -- I have to wear shades !



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Re: AgPoll: Soil moisture situation



thankyou fur settin' me straight. you couldn't be more correct. Heck, we might be startin' a new ice age out west w/ frost still being 3 foot deep & all...Monsanto could be holding out until this yr to unveil their new, super duper drought mega kernal Corn gene that causes the kernals to increase exponentially in size as rainfall decreases.


Perhaps Faust can hire a driver for his new 100% ethanol powered planter w/ the super comfy side-smokin' seat which is so fast & efficient he gets ALL his ac planted in half a day. He can just set up next to the driver laughing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the farm the entire time.


Then, with all the excess H2O sw & Shaggy get from the 40/40, they figure out a way to mix the fert and seed layin' around to bake yummy brownies - get an inspiration to start a new business of piping the water to parched Nebraska so's they can get that 330 bpa & it's win/win!!


The FUTURE's filled with so much possibility, i'm downright peein' on myself.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: AgPoll: Soil moisture situation

If we get 40/40, I'll probably fall off the wagon, & that's not something I'm planning on doing.
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Re: AgPoll: Soil moisture situation

canuck2, we had the same dealio here w/ yields.


I have made that same remark about lying water (and lack thereof) to many of my landlords already.. Even the areas where the tile is generally insufficiently spaced, there is no water. Only 1 field has some frozen surface water. I'm of the mind that we are going to get off to a great start in this province at least.


Its crazy that most of the puddles I would expect to see arent there.. But I was recently in a severely affected area, about 20 mins away (0 bpa corn was common) and I was talking to the construction crews who were buying straw from myself. And they all said that this has been one of the easiest winters they have had for buildings foundations and such with an excavator.


Makes you kind of conclude: our water table is lower but we are still saturated... Might throw off the benefit of tile drainage slightly this year... I looked at some tile drainage yield studies too recently for 2012 and prior: apparently there was no significant response between tiled/untiled land.... and thats FAR from typical, as almost everyone knows! Shows the awesome power of what happened this summer!!!

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Re: AgPoll: Soil moisture situation

We just filled a lot of those water holes yesterday.

Not sure how much rain but with the melting snow lots of ponded water now.


Streams are all in flood stage so maybe the water is just running away instead of saoking in.


regarding construction, have noticed tile installers have been working all winter here so far.

Saw one crew parked when driving yesterday not because of too much frost or snow but because of the heavy rain we were getting.

It was obvious they had been comng and going from that farm not long before we passed by.

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