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Re: AgPoll: USDA corn yield forecast?

I think you may be right that the 4-5 inches in July is based on a normal crop.  This crop is already dry and this crop is a couple of weeks ahead of normal in many places, so the nistorical numbers may not work too well.  Good point.

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Re: AgPoll: USDA corn yield forecast?

Its been a while since I posted anything. Remember meeting good people in Chicago a few years back.

Down here in Southeastern and Southern Illinois we are toasted. Got off to a good start, April1st to April 7th done with corn. Beans from April 26th to May 3rd. Then a 1/2 inch on May the 5th and NONE since. Corn 4 to 5 foot tall been tasselling for the last 12 days but no silking. Just waiting on the insurance people after June 30th. Got some dairies in the area  looking to chop as hay is hard to find to.   15 inch row beans are only 12 to 16 inches tall. Double crop beans has never made it yet. Planted 2 to2 1/4 inches deep on June 12th.  We get this hot ridge coming Thrusday and Friday this week should about do us in. Hate to pull the combine out for 10-15bushel corn per acre. I remember 1983 I had 7 bushel corn and 5 bushel beans and NO CROP INSURANCE. The eighties were hell, 80, 83 and 88.  Some of you older farmers may remember 1954, 29 years later 1983 another 29 years later BINGO!!!!  2012.   

I hope the rest of the farmers have some crops to harvest at some good prices. Talking with the elevator buyer only about 10 to15% forward contracted. What I had contracted I brought back before this rally week ago Monday. I don't think I could raise a enough.

Take care JR 1066






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Re: AgPoll: USDA corn yield forecast?

Slunake it sucks when you don't have a crop, but its nice we have a good crop insurance setup nowadays. It doesn't make you whole, but you get enough to fight another day.  Last year we had greensnap so bad we had fields that were as low as 30bu/a  I know this sounds bad but I was happier the lower a field yielded as long as it was under my guarentee anyway it met less work and a quicker harvest

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