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Again may 28

Shows up not may 24.
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Re: Again may 28

I don't quite know what message you were trying to make from that sentence fragment that you had your second grade grandchild write for you, buit since it pertains to the end of May, let me try to fill in the missing content.


The December 2019 Corn Future made a high of $4.295 on May 24, 2018. The front month contract at that time was the September 2019 Future, which traded at a high price of $4.1225 on that same day, which was the highest price a front month Corn Future contract had traded since the $4.3925 price registered by the front-month-at-the-time September 2016 Corn Future on June 8 of 2016.


Nothing of consequence occurred in the Corn Futures on May 28, as the Chicago markets were closed for the Memorial Day holiday and any trades performed on the Globex Corn Futures (which were open for a part of the 28th) were recorded on the price chart for May 29.


Is that what you were trying to say ? Or were you talking to aliens ?


Beware of corn dust...does terrible things to brain cells...

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