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Veteran Contributor, same ole same ole. Running out of beans,

Several highly credible sources are now saying the bean situation is getting tighter, and China is continueing to get poorer. I think both cases are exagerated to some extent, something I think most people do not understand is the reliability of the american farmer. You can beat them with a stick and they will produce and deliver to a destination on a certain date. This winter we see this caried out on several locations. And in todays world it is becoming more important,  with worldwide crunch in supplies a dependable source of delivery of product. and it is now paying a premium as more countries source from US.

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Re:, same ole same ole. Running out of beans,

The real issue is - WHEN does China need the beans and will we have them? China is now importing nearly 70 million MT and Brazil's crop may not make 80. Brazil doesn't ship out 50. Then there are their transport problems. This.may get tight domestically.