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Alarming news for the world of ethanol

The announcement that environmentalists are teaming up with Big Oil is a startling one. The ethanol industry seems to be in danger if this coalition, Smarter Fuel Future, can convince the public that this alternative fuel isn't a benefit. 


Are you optimistic about the results the EPA will find when they investigate the contribution ethanol production makes to greenhouse gas emissions? The Renewable Fuels Association seems to be. 


For more information on this announcement, read this article.

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Re: Alarming news for the world of ethanol

Down with big Oil!! Time of the past, 43$ a barrel kinda already shows us that. I think you may be mistaken it is the other way around for the future. Bio, hydro, and electric get use to it not going anywhere.
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Re: Alarming news for the world of ethanol

I don't think the RFS is going anywhere, either up or down.


But I guessw you have to be a little concerned given that a study of the greenhouse impact could say about anything depending on who is funding the research.


Gotta say I find it a bit amusing that folks who are 100% certain that the 1% of climate scientists who are funded by Big Oil and are "skeptical" about climate change are now concerned that the same process might gore their ox.

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