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All eyes on the crude oil market

We are burning a little extra crude oil in Minnesoat this AM, where it is 5 degrees F  with a -12 windchill. In the overnight markets crude oil has turned lower. Watch and  if crude prices continue to slide - look for corn values to set back as well. It appeas that the crop size has stablized or started to improve in South America, so even with the long term uptrend - still in place we are likely to be in a trading range until the February crop report. I am still looking for reports on how much more fertilizer will cost for the 2012 crop compared to this years costs? If you farm in Illinois get ready for some Minnesota weather.

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Re: All eyes on the crude oil market

al, heres your close over 6.67. now where does that put us? i see this thing a shade over 7.00 in a week maybe 10 days

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Re: All eyes on the crude oil market

I always wondered when there are several thousand flights canceled in one day---what happens to all of that extra kerosene ?

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