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Re: Almost 4.5 million acres

Time--I agree with no one knowing the time as the Bible says. The Harbinger, etc present a compelling case, however.
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Re: Almost 4.5 million acres

Time-It could be the darn pop up ads from LG seeds that are running people off. When an advertiser is in my face as much as they are, I make darn sure to NEVER do business with them. I have a list in my head of companies that have annoyed me to that point, and they have made it to nearly the top of that list!

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Re: Almost 4.5 million acres

Totally agree is obnoxious and offensive to the mind...great way to degrade your sight given enough flashes. Well, it is "suc farming" after all. Smiley Surprised

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Re: Almost 4.5 million acres

Not exactly sure why this happens

I don't get those pop ups

Might be the way my lap top is set

Or: it could be that those products are not sold here

Or at least nobody comes around and tries to sell me stuff I don't want

Like Foo Foo juice etc.

Maybe there is an invisibble sign out front that says this farmer does not treat unwanted sales people very well

No beer in our office-word got around

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Re: Almost 4.5 million acres

Alot depends on your anti-virus software.  My home and farm computers stop that junk much better

than my "work" desktop and laptop that use the company's software on the server.

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