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Always 10 days away

From a drought and it's been 14+


This month is working on the driest May on record here in South Podunk Country.


I got to post severe flood pictures after the middle of April cloud burst, then planting in the dust. Now with corn and beans that only partially came up due to the exceptionally dry hot winds and lack of dew and moisture not coming up at night. I apparently am going to  be the exception to the excellent bin busting farmer this year


.I maybe the hands down, no question about it, Successful Farming "UNDER ACHIEVING FARMER" award winner this year.


In keeping on topic: there is absolutly No reason to believe that we could not have a drought here in the bread basket this year. '77 and '88 were a long time ago, we are overdue. Hope I am wrong.

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Re: Always 10 days away

good ole south central Iowa


where it stays wet a week longer in the spring....and dries out a week sooner in the summer


good luck!

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Re: Always 10 days away



     So if it stays dry then what does it do to carryout numbers?  Seems as if the gusto has been lost on old crop corn due to expectations that new crop will start coming off earlier.  Makes a person want to dump old crop and be done with it.  However, do you see an upside yet if the dryness persists?  Thanks.

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Re: Always 10 days away

The better question with regards to old crop corn is how much damage is being done to wheat.  If there's much damage done to wheat and prices continue to rally, there will be less and less wheat fed.  With less wheat being fed, this means there will be more old crop corn fed which could lead to a very interesting August from a basis and cash perspective.  The caveat is whether or not the World economy implodes with the EU and China slowing.  This will put a damper on fuel demand which will in turn put a damper on ethanol usage.  If this happens, ethanol plants can slow/stop grind putting more old crop corn back into the pipeline.  While the central banks are definitely running out of bullets, I highly doubt they have the stomach to stop the pumping and dumping of currency.  Right now, they're just running a scare tactic to get the troubled EU countries in line.  I'm betting on QE3 happening sometime in 2012.

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Re: Always 10 days away

A profound statement! I guess there is a reason why corn ground in northern Iowa brings a premium.


When you can dig 3-4 foot deep in top soil that is condusive to water retention with drainage tile to manage the excess, then your have a huge advantage for continued good production. Others have irrigated farmsthat can managed water supply but getting the waterto the right place is not free.


I guess those of us born in the right place are just plain lucky.

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