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Amid shortage, Brazil could import corn from Argentina

Hey boys,


I just posted that on my own


As there is growing demand for corn for meal purposes in Brazil and as well as for exports, the markets has talked of a possible shortage of the cereal in the country. In that case, the most likely resort for imports would be Argentina because the shortage would be stronger in southern Brazil. In that scenario, the projection for the next corn surface in Argentina are expected to jump at least 2.4 million acres.


What do you think?

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Re: Amid shortage, Brazil could import corn from Argentina

Luis,     Intended to be humorous...


Brazil and I have similar problems,    I sold my beans early when the price was................ well lets just say I have sold all my beans and need to sell more 

to cover my (demands)...... So I also am thinking of buying more from Argentina and selling them for cash flow purposes....

I am hoping not to have to pay Argentina until 2017 to help us all out on our tax burdons...


I know it isn't a good plan.  But it is the best one I have thought of so far....  Smiley Happy

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