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An interesting observation

Why are  the first 36 rows or so of corn on the south side of the field yielding about 50% compared to the rest of the field if the field to the south was a bean field?  The corn was just not there, about 50 or 60 bu. ac.  The field did average 138.  Three other farmers I have talked to have had the same dilemma.  In all the fields with reduced yields there was a bean field to the south.  Was it volunteer  corn herbicide?  Did it volatile?  Or did the hot summer winds cook the south rows?  Has anyone else observed this dilemma?  This was in Central Iowa.

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Re: An interesting observation

Heat stress combined with prevailing south wind. Common is Sw . Spider mites like those stressed spots which compounds the problem.
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Re: An interesting observation

Did you actually get out and see why......

No ears, small ears, or combo their of........any in season notes.....

South wind and exposure......maybe a touch of herbicide.......and the spider mite thing (lotta people didn't know they had em that bad in corn).......

But if you didn't do anything but watch the yield monitor its hard to say......
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Re: An interesting observation

Same thing here, the WSW part of the fields dried out first, due to the prevailing WSW winds.  It was worse if it bordered something like a wheat field, road, etc.  110+ with 30MPH winds will do that.

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