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Re: R: Serious answer, combines run just fine on biodiesel but more to the point.

I don't totally disagree with you but the same issue remains......... is that change affordable and how do farmers pay for their part of good social programs when the public will not support agriculture at the grocery store.  Or anywhere else.

Change is expensive.  always........ When your cash flow doesn't work how do you pay for the the change that is demanded.  That's the bottom line.  Farmers will be in the lead on any change that is based on intelligence and profitable .......When society will pay the price.  But so far the proponents of Green think force is the only incentive to make changes.  And that makes it look like there is no reason to listen to the snake oil salesmen.  When we go to venice for a tv special to show sea levels rising......... and fail to mention the fact that the city is gradually sinking (about 10 inches in the last 100 years)  it looks like a Fools parade, and probably is since we were supposed to have significant intrusion into all coastal cities by the mid 1990's............30 years ago.

I will help you build that facility to make non-degradable plastic polymer if it will pass the profitability test.  If it can show there is demand for the product.  But it sounds a lot like the green push for hemp.  "Pipe dreams" that are as likely to come from usda and congress as from a con artist just passing through.  

The change that is really needed, and will stop most of this hocus pocus, will come about at the ballot box.  When the public finally stops letting 40% of our population lives off of other peoples money.  Good ideas are hard to make happen.  They benefit everyone..... But using someone else money means we gotta come up with a new idea regularly to keep the cash flowing.  

I live in a county that has a destination land fill....... it takes in and charges other areas to dispose here.  We sort trash.  But the biggest municipality will not pick up anything for the landfill unless it is in a plastic bag   

We have lost our collective minds.



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Re: R: Carbon Dioxide to plastics, here's one of many. It's coming so fast .....

Carbon dioxide to plastics, here's one of many.  It's coming so fast it'll slap all you Luddites in the face when it goes by.!divAbstract

As low as a 10 millivolt overpotential, 99% efficency.  To put that into prespective, the over-voltage for electrolysis of water to hydrogen is 700 millivolt. 

  And then there's your claim that lithium batteries could never be cost competitive with fossil fuels.  Well, don't look now, that $100 per kilowatt-hr charging capacity that the fossil fuel fossils claimed could never be achieved, they're now talking $70 per kilowatt hr capacity. $70 per kilowatt-hr definitely puts internal combustion engines at a disadvantage.

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Re: R: Carbon Dioxide to plastics, here's one of many. It's coming so fast .....

Luddites? Seriously?

Realists maybe.

The world is quickly changing.  But like I have said before, if people would stop to learn the difference between




...more people might be able to wade past the BS and name-calling to embrace an idea for the idea's sake.

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Re: R: Carbon Dioxide to plastics, here's one of many. It's coming so fast .....

If this is true then we don't need government policy, the chance of profits will bring it to market. The low cost producer always wins. There is a fortune to be made by investing in the companies that bring this to market.

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