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And the yields are...

three fields chopped,

crop adjuster has been there.




Above average farmer.

Great ridge land.

Looks better than that from the road.

Mine looks like crap compared to his, From a drive by.





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BA Deere
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Re: And the yields are...

Thanks for the boots on the ground, eyeballs in the field report.

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Re: And the yields are...

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Re: And the yields are...

Thanks Hobby!

Did insurance appraisals for several fields chopped. Bottom fields (too wet early and some replanted in May) and marginal ground (clay spots) not good at all.  Originally planted in April.  Very little rain since 1st week July.  Not great ground, 10-year APH's on these 120-145, most are below county T-yield averages, so below average ground.  Example if all at 140 APH, avg appraisal 89, would be 64% of APH, insurance claim territory.  These within dryer area east of KC, MO.

Here's per field appraisals:










It wouldn't surprise me if my local county average this year comes in somewhere around 140, or less.  2021 corn average for county was around 160.  Some are shelling corn now, but just getting started and haven't heard any actual harvested yields yet.  Obviously, yields highly variable this year, within fields and field-to-field, based on on soil type, when planted, if replanted, and if got timely rain showers.  Slope of ground also makes a difference due to sun/heat/wind -- sloping down from East to West, or even North to South, will have lower yields.  Personally, I've missed most of the showers, so glad I decided not to plant any corn.

Soybean yields will also be all over the board, highly variable.  Haven't done any pod or seed counts.  Very dry here, so beans not getting a good finish, at least right here in my area.  Some beans just starting to turn.  Clay spots are dying now, so those won't have much.  Bean maturities around here are 3.5 to 4.5, with most planting 3.8 to 4.2.  My own best looking beans on hill ground are fields I tilled, best looking beans on bottom ground are fields I no-tilled -- kind of the opposite of "normal."

I'm located in the narrow tan strip, just south of the MO river in West Central MO.  We've been in and out of drought status all summer, yellow area most of time, this last map turned little strip tan.  Can go 10-15 miles North, or 20-25 miles South, and crops look better.  Bigger drought areas really burnt up, but much of non-drought areas in northern MO reportedly look really good, some say best ever.





Re: And the yields are...

WCMO, I may have been in your  in your front yard last Sat, made a run for my Son to Waverly MO to pick up some apples at Peters Orchards.  Those MO River flats aways amaze me, huge level fields.  I then drove north on 65 to Chillicothe, caught 190 and zigged over to Jamesport. That is a the garden spot of MO.  Almost weekly rains fell there this Summer.  I then took 13 to I-35 north through Eagleville.  North of Eagleville the crops started to show stress.  Then from the Iowa boarder north to just south of Des Moines the crops really took a hit.  They still have the Iowa corn crop rated above normal.  Not so sure about that.

We are picking up a nice "latter"rain just now. (.71") It will not help the corn but will some late beans.


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Re: And the yields are...

Eplant @Menlo dropped basis twice Friday in anticipation of getting new crop corn coming in in 7 to 10 days .

From +120 to +100 then +80 

(Kind of glad my "blunder about" marketing made the call early in morning and almost cleaned out.)

Been delivering this week. One morning was only truck there till I weighed empty, then about 6 trucks showed up.

Rest of the time seemed like a slow steady stream of trucks, and one big 3 axle wagon and tractor.


Buyer told me a week ago he had been out and looking at about 60 fields in that area and saw a lot of 200 bu corn.

Not too sure my corn will be even half of that.

Nice rain today (60+ days late for the corn).

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Re: And the yields are...

Wind, you were quite close, at least within 20-25 miles, or closer depending on how you got to Waverly. Very familiar with Peters Orchards, good people & a nice market there along Hwy 65.  Also, some nice orchards along Hwy 24 west of Waverly toward Lexington and Rasa Orchards market/orchard. 

I just got home around 11 pm Sat night.  Map says "raining" here, but it's very light and won't add up at this rate.  Could really use a couple inches right now to help finish the beans, or at least keep them alive awhile longer to get some seed size, too late for corn.  

Update Monday morning -- got almost 0.2 inches rain over the weekend.  Hope some others fared better.

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