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Re: And you thought i was an

Sure he spends alot, but it is pretty hard to fathom some one selling a half million bushels of corn on one day ot 50K bushels of beans. MY goodness they handle a boat load of money. Perhaps a few sheckles end up in his pocket.

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Re: And you thought i was an

Rain day so I had time to peruse through all 100 of the top reciepients of Federal crop insurance subsidies.   I was suprised to see Mr. Tom's farm didn't make the top 100.   Part of my certainty that he would be on that list is because I know a few guys in my neighborhood that seem to defy gravity.   Well guess what.  They were all on the list.   Every single one.   And they all collect 3-4 times the amount that they pay in premium.    I guess for a couple million you can haul some equipment around a couple counties.


The other suprise is that one of the guys that makes the list is RD Offutt although he actually doesn't pay any crop insurance premium.   He apparently signs up for catastrophic APH insurance and he is a large enough producer that the government subsidized portion of that premium is high enough to put him in the top 100.   Some of his partner farms, however are large enough to get on the list by themselves.


I guess the racket that is crop insurance is a topic for another thread but I did throw out the challenge that Mr. Tom's farm would be on that list so I'm reporting that he is not at least in the top 100.  Bear in mind that not being included in the top 100 only means his subsidy is less then $618,426.  He could still have very high claims but they are not ranked in that manner.

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