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Another perspective of Marketeye's Brazil wanderings

Our friends at Gazeta do Povo, a media company based in the Parana state of Brazil, are accompanying Mike on his trip around Brazil this week. They're great folks -- a few of their reporters have joined us here in the Corn Belt the last couple of falls. 


Anyway, thought I'd share with you another way to see how their Crop Expedition, of which Mike is a part, is going. Here's the link to their Crop Expedition page: 


If your Portuguese is as rusty as mine is (okay, mine is totally non-existent!), you can go to this site: 


There is a "translate web page" box on that page where you can copy and paste the web address for the Crop Expedition and it will give you a roughly translated view of it. Pretty neat to see how other folks are covering their major crop tour there.


And, if you scroll down the Crop Expedition page a little ways, you'll see our own Marketeye in a slideshow they have on the page. Proof he's actually working down there and not just playing! Ha!


Hope everybody's enjoying the start of today's thaw-out! Have a good one!



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